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Alan Turing is Not Given Enough Credit
FEBRUARY 9, 2015
People don't appreciate the real contributions of Alan Turing and focus too much on his codebreaking days in WWII. Remembering him as a great cryptographer misses the point. Turing's first contribution was also his greatest: he was the first to propose and prove that everything computable by following a finite series of defined steps can be computed by a machine.
This pushed us into the Digital Age.
Turing's work on computability theory during his PhD combined with his later works make him as important as Einstein for 20th-century science, while his impact on society today is far greater.

Let's please stop referring to the father of (theoretical) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence as a "codebreaker". It's like calling Darwin a "geologist", instead of remembering him for the theory of evolution.

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